Amberley Working Museum

Today I’d organised a group trip to Amberley Working Museum . Must admit at 6am when we all ‘awoke’ streaming with cold I was cursing myself. And I use the word awoke loosely as Sam had been awake most of the night coughing and I had been awake most of the night stroking his back.

However, as ever once up and out we all picked up. Wasn’t the least stressful trip I’ve organised, not recognising most of the faces who were there and the museum being completely ill-organised with the talks. That aside it was nice to meet so many new faces and catch up with some old ones. The boys best friends were along too so they were happy.
Museum itself was fascinating full of old machinery and vehicles – lots of buttons and knobs to press. We took a ride in a 1920’s double decker around the site and there was a small omnibus that took you from one side of the to the other.
Camera was playing up unfortunately so photos are not the best.
Jack and an old fire engine.
Another old fire engine
Helping print certificates with their names on.

Engine that made lots of noise.
They liked that engine a lot!
Electricity – completing circuits
Boys weren’t impressed but I liked this model of Stephenson’s rocket made out of keys and pipes and other junk.
Oh and the boys got a broomstick each. No idea what they wanted one for but hey .
Arrived home 6pm ish having left house at 7.30am, sneezing, coughing, very tired but happy.

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