Home Ed Groups Galore

Yesterday we started our new book of the week

We experimented with changing textures and made bread (Sam told the lady in the co-op tonight that it was horrible).

Time for Maths and English. Then we headed over to Stubbington to meet some members of FareGos for a new meeting in the new Guide hall. Was only a few families there but the kids had great fun running around the hall. We didn’t bother with setting up any activities, a ball and frisbee and open space and that was all they needed. There was also time for some tree climbing before Sam’s gymnastic class.
Today we headed over to Portsmouth to join the home ed group there for book group. We were looking at the book Flat Stanley. Jack and Sam were very vocal during the group discussions.
Then they made a new flat traveller and passport each.
The room is attached to an Adventure playground which Sam was so excited by – especially the sandpits. Jack got stung by a bee about which he was very stoic.

At home I decided to test out a recipe for next months session which the boys decided to take as an invitation to empty various things out of the kitchen cupboards and mix them up to see what happens. Various pots of green salty water with tissue paper in and things like that are now sitting in the kitchen.
Finally Jack had Cubs at the Tennis club.
Tiring but enjoyable few days.

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