Not Back to School

Yesterday was Portsmouth Home Education Group’s ‘Not Back to School Picnic’. We went along and caught up with some old friends and made some new.
Stole the picture off Susie’s blog as was too busy trying to persuade Sam to sit in a better place to get one myself.
Sam especially had a fab time blowing bubbles


and playing with Oscar.


He had less fun with balloons after having 2 popping on being blown up and another popping as he tried to shape it, we left with 3 full size (not modelling) balloons. One blew away at bus stop in Southsea, one spontaneously burst at bus stop in Gosport, third blew away outside Chinese on the walk home. Pete heroically chased it into the road though and retrieved it earning ‘superdaddy’ points!
As ever we were ridiculously early so even had time to visit Portsmouth Natural History Museum first.
A tiring but good day and thank you to everyone from Portsmouth for making us welcome.

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