And Turnips

Still in catch up mode.

Last week we were still battling colds, I was trying to revise and we had the test of endurance that is film education week. Although having learned my lesson from previous years we only booked in to 2 films.
With everything going on I took my foot off the peddle and gave the boys a lot more free time than I have lately and they did me proud.
They spent a LOT of time playing lego.
Jack also spent a lot of time practising the piano.
Our book of the week continued the seasonal/harvest theme.

Monday, we had a home ed meet where we made a bonfire collage, park with friends and then Sam had gymnastics.
Tuesday we walked down to the village for some shopping. Then Jack decided he wanted to do some painting so we dug out some acrylic paints and some canvases which have been under the spare bed for ages.

We spent a lot of time watching and listening to songs from CBBC’s Horrible Histories on youtube. Here is Sam doing the Pachacuti.

Jack made ‘word pictures’ based on Autumny and firework linked words for a display in the library.
Thursday we went into Portsmouth bright and early to watch ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ at the cinema.
Sam who didn’t want to go loved it – Jack and I thought it was appalling!
Here’s Jack on the ferry.
Lunch time and we were back in Lee to help another mum from the home ed group put up the library display. It looks fab.
Didn’t have time to go home before drama so lunch at one of the cafes in the village and an ice cream on the bench waiting for the bus.
We get to the school where Jack has drama 30 mins early due to the bus times so Sam drew a map in the mud and explained his war strategy (never did find out who we were fighting).
Friday, we decorated foam trees.
Compared sizes and made a poster.
Jack did a worksheet on following instructions and wrote a story using the printables from here

Then we had a tidy up before Jack put on his new Cubs uniform and we went to the scout hut to see a visiting planetarium show.

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