Realised I have got a bit behind. Too busy revising of an evening to post – although have been doing plenty. So bit of a catch up.

Week before last was a bit of an odd one, we had hospitals, dentists and extra guiding commitments as well as my need to revise to fit in to our normal schedule and colds to cope with too.
We did lots of baking, cakes and biscuits for my Guiding AGM (and some to eat ourselves) and made our Christmas cakes!
We have also reached our ‘crafty season’ and it was pumpkins galore!

Knowing the boys would be getting excited about Halloween, I’d selected an old favourite of Sam’s as our book of the week. Pumpkin soup.

We looked at why we have seasons (bedroom lamp and inflatable globe). We also looked at what plants need to grow and why the fact that they need different amounts of things mean many crops are seasonal. Put in the context of why I refuse to buy strawberries for most of the year!
Of course we made pumpkin soup.
We have also been collecting many leaves. From which we took leaf rubbings and made leaf prints.
We also laminated some of the leaves and made some ‘scratch’ leaves . And made a large tree.
We painted the seeds from the pumpkin that we used for soup. Cue lots of mess!
Glued them down.

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