Slowing down

The coughs and colds the boys have been battling for the last week have been slowing them down the last few days, particularly Jack. So we’ve been spending some time at home catching up with work and resting.

On Weds, I heard that a trip I’d organised for Friday was cancelled! So while I was fussing around trying to contact people, Sam indulged in a bit of Boogie Beebies. Here he is doing the ‘funky chicken’.
Then we made a recipe from our book of the week, Eddie’s Kitchen.
Showing off our yummy, scrummy Carrot and Orange drizzle cake.
Then Pete came home to cuddle up on the settee and read and watch tv with them while I went out to Rainbows.
Thursday we cracked on with work, boys did their maths and english and both started work on a ‘history pocket‘.
On Eddie’s Kitchen we talked about different families. Here is Sam’s picture of Eddie and Lily. Appaently having a blue face means you’re happy.

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