Ever since a mum from our local home ed group lead a walk around Alverstoke over a year ago I’ve meant to go back with Father in Law in tow. So having found a leaflet with a trail under my bed we did.

We started at St Mary’s Church, had a look inside

And more importantly for Sam around the graveyard (he loves graveyards).

Went past the old Rectory

And the last mounting stone in Gosport

Spent a while by Stoke Lake
They like the lake
Then along a cycle path that follows the route of the old branch line
To another graveyard
And the Regency Crescent
That is where I stopped taking photos as it was pouring down. But we played hide and seek in the Regency Gardens then walked up to the very quaint village and picked up chips.
At home Sam had another birthday present arrive – Achilles the Blue-Nosed Reindeer.
Thank you Lindsay.

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