Christmas is Coming…

And the cold and snow is coming with it!

Boys have been full of cold and decidely below par so we have barely left the house for a week.
We have also eased off normal ‘work’ as we worked on creating the activities for Activity Village’s Advent Calendar
So while we have done an awful lot I don’t think I’ll show you the photos.
Some of what we have done…
Played with magnetic letters. When they are like this I can see and buy into the whole autonomous education ideal. Unfortunately they are not like this all or even half the time.
Playing with ice. It is cold!!
And of course filling advent calendars.
And lots of reading. I managed to get The Jolly Christmas Postman from a charity shop for 59p which Sam and I have been enjoying. Also got him the book below as a treat and it is absolutely fantastic everyone with scientific minded, inquisitive children needs it. Click on it to go to Amazon.
Santa Claus
Jack also had his Cubs Carol service. Where he sang about David’s town and 3 Noels… Need to do some work on the carols I think

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