Happy Birthday Sam

My baby is 5!

Today to celebrate he got chased by 2 T-Rex.

Of course it is the photoshop pic I did for his birthday card.
Day was very leisurely. Everyone had long, hot baths (me and Jack because we got soaked doing Remembrance Day parade).
Sam had new pjs which he wore for most of the day.

A lego kit, which was quite difficult.
A Power Rangers activity box from Pete’s Auntie Sian. Which included binoculars.
And many other lovely presents. Thank you to every one who remembered him.
He set me the challenge of a penguin shaped cake.

Then Sam wrote a Power Rangers story for Jack and ‘read’ it.
Finally it was off to bed with the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book which kindly came out this week with perfect timing.


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