Love is …

… spending hours of your life baking batch after batch of Pudsey Bear shaped biscuits, because your 8yo decided that as part of a Cubs badge he was going to bake some to sell to raise money for Children in Need and then lost interest 15 mins in to the mammoth baking session and left me you to it.

When I suggested that I should get the badge as I did the work, he pointed out the badge criteria said he had to ‘organise’ a fundraising event not actually do the work. Crafty little so and so even got Sam to do the bulk of the decorating!

While I worked in the kitchen boys played on Education City.
Then we did some more of Sam’s Pilgrim project

Including making a model of a stick used by a Tithing man. Apparently he stood at the back of the long church services with one of these. The knob was to tap talking children on the head and the fur end (a squirrel’s tale) was to tickle the noses of people who fell asleep.
Jack and I built a Hawker Tempest (a plane)
And then the boys painted the models they had made this week.
I introduced Jack to the iron – so he could iron his cub scarf as part of his Home Help badge.
Then Jack had a piano lesson, followed by Cubs and Sam watched Nigel Marven’s Penguin Safari.

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