More Pilgrims

Today we spent trying to get back in a work frame of mind after several weeks of birthdays and visiting Grandparents.

Boys worked through Maths and English. Then Jack wrote a story and did some of his science book and Sam worked on another pocket of his Pilgrim project.
Including making a diorama of inside a house.
I had hoped to find a nice Christmas project from Evan Moor Their Halloween one was good (even if we didn’t manage much of it) but I couldn’t find what I wanted. We do have a Symbols of Christmas one from Hands of a Child that I had intended to start with Jack today, but had a look in detail at it and it’s woeful.
A couple of years ago when we were just starting Home eding I bought loads of stuff from Hands of a Child, had a years membership. The graphics on them are very poor quality and we found the activities just too repetitive. Some of the simple ones I will redo with Sam but most sadly are filed away on the old computer never to be used.
Looks like I’ll be creating my own.
We spent the afternoon working on Christmassy bits for Activity Village‘s advent calendar with varying degrees of success – penguin collapsed and a glass worktop saver will not suffice as a marble slab (I had to melt the caramellised sugar lolly off with boiling water). Do have a nice little Christmas tree to show for it though.
Then off to Sam’s gymnastics class.

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