Out and About

Last week involved lots of running around.

Monday we started with a bit of work. Maths, English (reading practice for Sam)and read our story of the week.
We looked at ‘Eeyore’s Birthday’ to continue the ‘festivals’ theme.
We then did some experiments with balloons. Putting on some sticky tape and then poking a needle through.
Then inflating a balloon using the gas released from mixing vinegar and baking powder.
Then home ed group where they played with the boomwhackers and gymnastics for Sam.
Tuesday we braved the wind and rain (and thunder and lightning) to go over to Portsmouth for book group. We discussed George’s Marvellous Medicine. Made a volcano from baking soda and vinegar again. Everyone drew ingredients and we stuck them on a big pan to make a collage.
The kids then all made blobber (borax, and pva) with varying degrees of success.
After lunch we played parachute games and the kids did some dancing.
Back home we dropped of our bags and then took Jack to his piano lesson. Back home for 1hr, time for a quick tea and change. Then off to Cubs. Where Jack wrote the following poem…
Lots of soldiers died
By their rules we abide
On Remembrance Day
I say
Spirits invisible to the naked eye
There in the graveyard they do lie
Weds we messed around at home and then the boys came to Rainbows with me. The other Guider has 8yo twins, a 9yo and a 10yo, who stayed too and they all get on really well. While the older 2 help out the younger ones hide away in the corner and play/chat.
Thursday we caught up with some work and household chores then took Jack to drama. As the lady who is in charge was there Sam decide to ask if he could join in next term. She let him join in then, he loved it!
Friday we went out to Southampton to celebrate Sam’s birthday, which being on a Sunday (and Remembrance Day) we’ll spend quietly at home (or out parading). Due to the rain we just went to the town centre. To the model shop for Airfix kits, Burger King for lunch and then to the Build a Bear workshop.
(sorry for picture quality, photos are off phone)
Sam made a rabbit named Alexander – complete with Star Wars PJs.
And then played some music with Dad before bed.

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