Happy New Year

We have been talking about resolutions and made some wreaths to record the boys New Years resolutions.

I had a blood pressure check earlier in the week so the boys picked up a Change 4 Life leaflet and the HSA gave them a pack with games. Jack has been avidly reading it and included quite a few things in his resolutions.
Big game of the moment is ‘boarding schools’. Jack LOVES Malory Towers,I’m going to have to replace the original 6 I think as the books are falling apart with being over read. The boys have decided that we must implement a timetable next week when we’re back to normal. We’ll see…
Here’s a poem Jack wrote this evening on his own initiative. I had to share – times like this I really miss my Mother in Law, she loved seeing Jack’s writing.
Journey of the birds
In the dark of winter,
when the bitter winds do fly
When all the birds are setting out
and calling out goodbye
I don’t know where they go to
and I probably never will
I will not see another bird
on my window sill
But later in the springtime
when all the birds fly back
I’ll buy a load of bird seed
and keep it in a sack.