Back to Normal…

…Although it is still very cold!

Monday we cracked on with some ‘school’ work. Jack worked on problem solving in his Maths book. He did some English, by a fluke of good timing the chapter he is studying is based on some text from Treasure Island. Then some science and now keeps throwing out random facts about scurvy.
Sam did some Maths from his heinnamen book, then insisted he had to do some from his CGP book as as the first had colour (and doesn’t look like Jack’s) it isn’t proper Maths. He is desperate to catch Jack up, but since Jack is 4 school years older and working ahead of where he should be I can’t see it happening. But he’s trying bless him and doing well. I think he is going to be good at Maths too but in a different way to Jack his brain seems to process the visual stuff much better.
We then did some more Pilgrim work.

Including making a puppet.
And a discussion of ‘rules’ and manners.
Then we nipped into Fareham for a few bits and pieces and added a few grey hairs as it was horribly busy.

Then took Sam to gymnastics where he got his first proficiency award.
Tuesday, we braved the cold to go over to Portsmouth for Book Group.
We looked at Treasure Island. After a short discussion the kids made skull and crossbone biscuits, a compass (by magnetising a needle and putting it on a piece of cork in a cup) – had various degrees of success with that, and drew treasure maps which we ‘aged’ with tea.
Sam’s map
Jack and Oscar’s map
Then it was outside to play, where they didn’t appear to feel the cold.
Stopped off in Gunwharf on the way home.

Then home. Tea. Took Jack to cubs and Sam and I did some Christmas crafts and then to bed with Percy Jackson.

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