Christmas Decorations

Having put it off for three days I had no choice but to put up the decorations today or Jack would never forgive me.

So here’s our tree. Took ages to get up (forgot how big it was) and of course the BRAND NEW lights I bought didn’t work grr… So I had to virtually dismantle the tree in the boys room to get the lights off it and then put the small chain on that one. At least they were kept bust redecorating that for a while.
On the positive our ‘paper’ chains survived from last year. They are actually fabric backed with iron on interfacing cut into strips with pinking shears and then fastened into loops with high tack fabric glue. Penguin lost his eyes over the year but easily fixed.
This year we added.
Bunting made with the same fabric as the ‘paper’ chains.
And some Christmas canvases from Wilkinson’s. Sam’s is actually the same picture as Jack he just applied his own unique colour scheme.
New glass painted candle holders as old ones are looking rather tired.
A card and tinsel tree and a felt and bead tree.
And a fabulous little craft foam ‘Santa’s Workshop’ we got in a kit from The Works.
We added a couple of ne ceramic hanging decorations from Crafty Crocodiles

And I used a couple of polystyrene balls I found lying around and the fabric scraps from the bunting to make some lovely new baubles.

Oh and the boys got their much wanted (I don’t know why) wreath thanks to a wire coat hanger, length of tinsel, some garden wire and baubles.

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