Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas everyone.

Every year boys and I go to see a local pantomime on Christmas Eve, while Pete cleans and tidies the house and has a bit of time to himself.
Here is Sam and Achilles the Reindeer with a display in Fareham shopping centre.
Sam and Achilles in the theatre.
An aunt had kindly sent them some Christmas money which we’d received this morning and taken thinking they would want some stupid glowing thing at the theatre. But they opted to spend it in Waterstones instead. Jack on 3 of the new Malory Towers books (not sure I approve – I love Blyton). Sam on a toy Gruffalo.
And a Gruffalo’s favourite food is…chicken bites and chips!
We pottered around a couple of shops and Sam spent the rest of his money on a penguin. Then we headed home.
After a soak in the bath they had treasure hunts to find their Christmas present off me and Pete.
Pj’s, dressing gown, hot water bottle (Shaun the Sheep and Gromit), a dvd and an annual each.
They get some variation on this every year (always the pjs though) and something hand made – this year Jack had a camp blanket I’d sewn his old Beavers badges on to and I made Sam a sheep rug. We give the present from us on Christmas Eve so it is separate from Santa, takes the edge off the excitement and also new pjs and a book always helps to settle them.
We’ve not been doing much the last few days as I’ve spent lots of time dozing on the settee while boys watched tv. Having bought too many stocking fillers I have been giving the boys the odd one here and there to keep them entertained. These were so cute I had to share.
A Merry Christmas to all and to all a Goodnight.

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