A Gentle Start to the New Year

Having not managed to throw off the coughs and colds that have plagued us for the last three weeks I’ve decided that we will ease ourselves gently back into routine this week, rather than cracking straight on as we normally do.

We started off by looking through the recipe books. I have told Jack that since we have an extra afternoon at home this term, as Sam doesn’t want to do gymnastics any more, he can take responsibility for tea on a Monday. He’s very happy with that.
So menu chosen and shopping list drawn up, the boys did some Maths from their CGP books. Then Pete got up and sat at the computer looking ill and sorry for himself so I decided to abandon the rest of the ‘formal’ work we were going to do. Instead we wrapped up warm, grabbed the scooters and set out on a ‘road sign safari’.

This term I’m planning on using some of the cubs badges as inspiration to do a ‘safety’ theme with the boys. Today this took the form of scooting down to and along the sea front taking photos of road signs for the road safety part.
On the way back we stopped in the shop for provisions and I treated the boys to magazines. Then we spent a quiet afternoon, reading, doing puzzles, making pizzas and making the bits that came with Sam’s Dr Who magazine.
In the evening we booted Pete and Sam off upstairs so Jack and I could cuddle down and watch the long anticipated return of Primeval on ITV player.

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