Art Group

One of our local HE groups runs a monthly tutor led art group with a younger sibling group run by a mum. I must admit I was very surprised when the boys wanted to go to art group this month. Because we do so much craft and are quite structured education wise, Jack in particular is not normally interested in joining in with anything like this, he prefers the more social group activities.

But they really enjoyed themselves.
Sam made a self-portrait – good job I photographed it as it did not survive the journey home.
Then his group looked at portraits of Elizabeth I
And drew pictures of what she ‘really’ looked like. Smallpox scars and black teeth etc.
The also did some pictures based on this book.

And made a folder to keep their art work in.
Jack’s group looked at Botticelli
Painted their own version and then transferred it to biscuits – painting with food colouring on white icing.
And also a modern artist called Giacommetti.
They made sculptures from spaghetti, marshmallows, dollymixtures and strawberry laces.

A pyramid
A man

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