Jack and the Beanstalk

Finally I get to the point of the new blog background.

For a long time Lindsay and I have wanted to do a Fairy Tale/traditional stories theme onActivity Village but have always been too busy to actually turn it into reality.
Well this term I decided that Sam and I would do a Fairy Tale theme for his ‘book of the week’.
We are actually more ‘book of the fortnight’ at the moment as still struggling a bit to get back into routine but hey.
Lindsay meanwhile is commissioning artwork and audios and hopefully we will manage to start pulling things together soon.
Firstly by some miracle our beans are still growing. No idea what type of beans they are – they were a special kids pack labelled ‘Jack’s Beanstalk’.
Look a bit alien actually…

Sam coloured and rewrote the story in his own words.
Then I get to our ‘big project’
Here is ‘Paper Jack’, who for maximum confusion is a paper cut out of Sam. He took several days to colour.
Then up the stairs grows our beanstalk. The leaves have the story on which Sam arranged in order as a ‘sequencing’ activity.

Then just to freak me out every morning we have a Giant at the top of the stairs (seriously is a good 7 ft plus tall -is not clear how big he is from pic)

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