This coming Tuesday is both mine and Pete’s birthdays. Sharing a birthday makes it good that we can either make a big deal over it (6 years ago we got married in Gretna Green!) or not and neither of us feels cheated as it is the same for both of us. Anyway if possible we try and go away for a night or two the weekend before rather than swap presents.

Since the kids and moving out of London, London is usually our destination of choice.
So we booked into a Travelodge for Friday night.
Camera was playing up, boys weren’t keen to be photographed and I managed to accidentally delete quite a few pics but…
Friday, we got into London about 11am and walked up to County Hall and along the river to see all the entertainers. A bite of lunch on the Embankment and a walk through Covent Garden took us to The British Museum.
There was too much of interest there to even begin to photograph everything (and it was too busy to get decent shots) so just a few tasters.
A record of Egyptian kings.
A temple to Apollo
And for Sam – Canopic jars
Jack was especially taken with the Rosetta Stone but I don’t appear to have a photo.
We went to a Dutch Pancake House for tea for a novelty and shared some very big pancakes.
Then we hailed a proper Hackney Cab and went back to the hotel.
Saturday and the boys played spies on the hotel staircase.
Then we went over to the Maritime Museum in Greenwich.
Investigating ways of powering toy boats.
Hoisting a sail
Sending messages by flag
And by radio and morse code
Loading a cargo ship

Roleplaying scenarios between bridge and engine room.
I think Jack made a fair assessment when he said The British Museum was more interesting but the Maritime more fun.

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