More than I thought…

I thought we hadn’t done much over the last week or so. I’ve been struggling to find my grove after the Christmas break.
But on reflection maybe we have…
Boys have spent a lot of time playing happily together.
There has been a lot of ‘pulley’ building. Including some wonderful methods of transporting things from bottom to top bunk. But unfortunately for them I keep removing them, paranoid about someone getting accidentally strangled when asleep.
Sam has planted beans in a jar. Odd timing I know but part of a grander scheme which the new background might give a clue to. They are actually growing too! For how long only time will tell, I’m rubbish with plants.
They are both really into cooking at the moment so preparation of every meal is taking a far bit longer than necessary but who cares.
We baked brownies – although a lack of communication meant my share got shared out among their friends at Home ed group. On the plus side the boys realised there were too many for them and gave them away rather than eating them themselves. I’ll just have to either keep my food separate or be clearer in future.
We have been doing their workbooks.
Jack has done some brilliant writing projects – a glossary of Roman words, a booklet about Rome, a fact file about London and a diary entry for a Roman boy.
They completed the activities they needed for all their certificates from the Tales of the Road website.
There has been a lot of playing outside with scooters and lightsabers – regardless of the (heavy) rain.
Jack helped Pete fit new smoke detectors.
They’ve played Education City.

Tuesday was back to home ed group where they had a play session so the adults could plan the half term activities. Followed by piano and Cubs for Jack. Halfway through his piano lesson it was noticed that a lens was missing from Jack’s glasses! I think he must lost it in the playground (oops!). Not sure how he didn’t notice when it came out or how I never saw it…

Spent a lot of time on Weds trying to get through to Specsavers! Turns out the frames are now discontinued (5months old) so without the lens they can’t fix them. So the only option is new glasses. Luckily he is due a check up soon so we can get them free. Unfortunately NHS won’t allow a test more than two weeks before the recommended date. So we have to wait two weeks to get him tested and then another week for them to be made. Hey ho! At least he is not in school – not sure how he’d cope for 3 weeks unable to see whiteboards.

We’ve spent at least 5hours in the library this week. I couldn’t tear them away from the colouring table when we nipped in on Monday so we were at least an hour then. Then we held Rainbows there on Weds and had a display to put up on Thurs. Boys were very happy with that, we have a lovely local library.
We’ve done lots of colouring at home too. This is the boy who didn’t stop, look and listen…
He has featured in a lot of Sam’s conversations! At least he’s taken on board the road safety message though.
We’ve read a lot.
Including this fabulous charity shop find. Pete really liked it until the practice of the self defence tactics turned into smack Dad in the groin.
These are another charity shop find I bought years ago when Jack was smaller but he never bothered with them, but now Sam has discovered them.
Oh and Sam got this when Jack was at drama on Thursday. It’s a real scorpion! Result one very happy little boy.
This is current bedtime reading. Pete bought it as Jack loves Malory Towers (he’s currently buying up the new spin off ones with Felicity in) and Just William.
This is actually my creation done for Activity Village’s Australia Day pages but is so cute I thought I’d share.
The kids are looking at China in preparation for Chinese New Year so we have made blossom trees

And collage versions.

Researched and wrote menus for a Chinese restaurant.

Jack is not keen on handwriting but he worked hard on this and it is the neatest writing I have ever seen him do and I am really pleased with him.
We made Chinese kites that kind of fly

And paper plate goldfish.
The last bits are up in the local library as part of a display by FareGos.
And I haven’t even covered today…

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