Out with the old and in with the new

Considering we are supposed to be having a gentle ease back in to ‘work’ we have had an incredible productive day.

We began by looking at road safety to follow on from yesterday and in particular the ‘Tales of the Road’ website which is fantastic.
For each section there is a video to watch, a game, something to read online, an online quiz and some activity to print. When you login you get awarded a star for each activity you do and then you can print a certificate.
Sam did the ‘Stop, Look, Listen’ section which had a printible quiz and colouring page.
He followed it up by making a poster and designing a game about safe places to cross the road based on the online game Jack had played.
Jack did the ‘Safe places to cross’ section which had a maze and a wordsearch to print. He also made a poster.

Elevenes meant a Horrible Histories break – Sam had the dvd for Christmas.
Jack then did some workbook stuff (Maths, English and Science) while Sam did some more of his pilgrim project.
We looked at working in Plymouth colony.
He made a shop sign.
And coloured in some patchwork quilt designs.
We also looked at schooling.
And made a ‘hornbook’ for practicing handwriting.
The finished project!
We then turned our attention to housework. Jack helped and completed the last few bits he needed for his ‘home help’ badge from Cubs.
We pulled together all the photos we’d taken of him doing the badge activities and made a booklet. Which he took to Cubs tonight and was very happy to come home with his badge.

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