“Rock” Music

I had a few chores to do in Gosport today so the boys and I went to the Local Studies centre.

This is really just a section of the library in a separate building across the road. Lots of local books and a room about local Geology.
Jack and I played a game where he had to identify whether a rock was igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic by touch.
Sam was excited by everything as he always is. He loves museums!
A fossilised dinosaur footprint
Making a geological timeline…
Then we looked at the old maps for a bit, seeing the growth of Lee.
Then it was over the ferry to Portsmouth. Every year there is a Children’s Orchestral Concert at the Guildhall and it is a lovely event. Took me back a bit when I calculated this must be our 6th year! The steps outside the Guildhall are always a good place to play too.
We stopped in a local music shop and spent lots of virtual pounds… Jack is keen on an electric guitar. We did buy Sam an ocarina though which should be interesting.
Then back to Lee for Jack’s piano lesson.
Now we’re off to cubs!

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