Rocks and Reading

Day started with some Education City.

Then workbooks – English and Maths for Sam
English, Science and History for Jack.
I was going to start an ‘Ancient Civilisations’ project with Sam but while I was printing bits for it he got out his Dolphin scratch art so I left him to it.

Then it was volcano time. We made a playdough volcano. Then filled the crater with vinegar and a spoonful of bicarb of soda.
Where the ‘lava’ had flowed we added some more playdough. Then added more vinegar and soda.

And again added more playdough ‘rock’ where the lava had flowed.
And again. The idea was that you can see how successive volcanic eruptions alter a landscape.
In the end they just tipped the entire bottle of vinegar and all the soda into the tray and watched it fizz.
Then Jack made ‘sedimentary rock cakes’. Bashed up biscuits to make ‘sand’ and mixed the sand with ‘sticky mud’ (melted butter and a spoonful of golden syrup). Pressed into a cake case with a white choc chip (or 3) on top as ‘dinosaur bones’.
We added another 2 layers of different types of biscuit.
Opposed to leaving them for several millenia to form rocks we settled for an hour in the fridge.
Cut in half you can see the layers.
Over lunch we watched the first episode of a Tony Robinson documentary ‘The Birth of Britain’ which Sam loved, about the geology of Britain.
Then it was a reading afternoon/evening.
Sam has found Jack’s old Greek myths and he likes them. Apparently he can read some of the words but not all as there are too many.
Then I bought these from Red House last week so we read the Greece one.
And finished the evening with this beauty. All the pictures are done as paper cuts it is a lovely version (Red House sale).

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