Firstly photo’s aren’t the best, sorry, only took video camera.

While I like living in Lee, nice community feel, beach at the end of the road – I do miss hills! So feeling it was time for a bit of a fix I took the boys over to South Wales to stay with my Father in Law (North Wales girl myself but beggars can’t be choosers 😉 )
Having caught the early train we were in Cardiff by noon on Thursday so having stopped off for lunch we decided to spend the afternoon in the National Museum of Wales, which is a fantastic place to while away a few hours.
Our interest was concentrated on the geology gallery this time to follow on our rocks theme.
We watched some videos – they alternate between playing them in Welsh and English to the boys amusement. I can probably pick up one word in 10 in Welsh now, I was never anywhere near fluent but shocking how much I’ve forgotten.
There were fossils – brilliant ammonites
Cardiff Jan11 004>Moon rock

Cardiff Jan11 005

Models of meganeura – extinct giant dragonflies for those who have not sat through every episode of Prehistoric Park several hundred times.Cardiff Jan11 009

Skeletons of dinosaurs and ice age creatures. This is a megaceros.Cardiff Jan11 016
Then into the mineral and crystal gallery.
Cardiff Jan11 017At Father in Laws we relaxed and played lots of chess. I got beaten by Sam! I was trying to help him and concentrating so much on that I screwed up my moves. He is getting the idea though and knows the correct names and moves for all the pieces. On the other hand I am actually impressed if I beat Jack. My strategy is to drag the game out until his concentration level drops and he makes mistakes as he is a better player than me.Cardiff Jan11 035
We indulged in what passes for great entertainment in Wales, we walked to the top of a very big hill in sub-zero temperatures.
Cardiff Jan11 019
Cardiff Jan11 022This very big hill.
Cardiff Jan11 079So we could look at other big hills.
Cardiff Jan11 025And down at where we started.
Cardiff Jan11 021Something about standing on a big hill that makes me want to launch into singing “Land of my Fathers” but as I don’t actually know the words with them being Welsh I refrain (watch the welsh rugby team trying to sing it – hilarious).
We played in the little stone hut at the top for a while. No one knows what the hut is, best guess a shelter for shepherds.
Cardiff Jan11 029Until we turned blue. Achilles the blue nosed reindeer had the advantage of starting off that way, the rest of us just got that way through getting very, very cold!
Cardiff Jan11 032On Saturday we went to Caerleon which was one of three permanent Roman forts. Apparently Geoffrey of Monmouth claimed it to be the site of Camelot.
Anyway for my little Roman enthusiasts it was fantastic. Lots to explore and all of it free.
We started off at Tescos where we added jumpers, hats, gloves, scarves and in my case an extra pair of trousers to what we were wearing as temperature was below freezing again.
When we arrived at Caerleon we started at the Baths.
Cardiff Jan11 036There were lots of replica items to handle.
A sponge on a stick!
Cardiff Jan11 043Wax tablet.
Cardiff Jan11 045Helmets.
Cardiff Jan11 046
Cardiff Jan11 051As well as the ruins to look at.
Cardiff Jan11 055Then to the Roman Legionary Museum, which was a bit rubbish – lots of pots in display cases type of thing.
But there was a room where kids could dress up…
Cardiff Jan11 060
And fight.
And a game where they had to fish mice from a ‘latrine’.
Cardiff Jan11 063A reconstructed barracks room.Cardiff Jan11 064
And more helmets to try on.
Cardiff Jan11 070And a shield to hide behind.
Cardiff Jan11 067Then to the amphitheatre!
Cardiff Jan11 074For a Gladiator battle…with lightsabers. Good planning to take the lightsabers – meant I avoided getting conned into buying ridiculously expensive model swords in the museum.
Cardiff Jan11 073

Eventually the setting sun forced us away. We didn’t even walk the walls or go to the ruined barracks – definitely due a return trip.
On the way back we were treated to one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen – brilliant red sun.
Sunday was a leisurely play in the park day.

Cardiff Jan11 084 Cardiff Jan11 087 Cardiff Jan11 081

With a trip to the shopping centre for new shoes and coat for Jack.

Monday, we had a walk around Cardiff to pick up paints for the airfix kits and browse the lego shop – a whole shop just for lego – talk about heaven. They even had a ‘pick and mix’ fill a cup with different lego bricks for a set price…
Then train home.

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