At Home

Jack did some probability and Sam finished his shape book.

Jack wrote a report on yesterday’s HMS Victory tour (see post below).
Sam did the worksheets I’d copied from his English books.
I had picked up a number of books from Oxfam over the summer that were obviously a teachers stash. Among them were a collection of photocopiable worksheet books called ‘Developing Literacy‘ they have quite a few different ones but with a bit of topping up from Amazon marketplace we now have the Word, Sentence and Text level books for all of infant school. Since Christmas we have been using them to add anothe dimension to Sam’s English.
Then we had been sent lots of printable worksheets by the education officer who had led Weds’ workshop.
We redid the spelling your name out in flags activity as we’d mislayed and I got the impression they had not exactly understood it at the workshop.
Drew HMS Victory
and did a wordsearch
Then on Jack’s suggestion we printed out more of the flags, coloured them and cut them out and used them to ‘write’ messages.
Jack’s says ‘You are a dork’
Mine says ‘What do you want for lunch’.
Conversing through flags meant the discussion on lunch took a long time. So after a late lunch we had time to clear up and do a quick tidy before off to drama.
The walk to drama is too far for Sam so it is either bus or taxi. Since we have a bus pass this week, despite the rain, we opted for bus. The bus gets us there 35 mins early so we went for a walk in the little bit of woodland near the school. .

Unfortunately we met a friendly, but large and bouncy dog who knocked the boys over and terrified them. They are nervous of dogs anyway because this is not the first time it has happened. The owner was very apologetic but it does annoy me – dog might be friendly but if they can’t control it, it needs to be on the lead.
When I’d got them cleaned up a bit and calmed down, Sam joined Jack in his drama class. Whether he wants to join in long-term we’ll see…

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