esterday was one of those days where it all seems a struggle. Hard to identify why as on the face of it we achieved a lot. Boys were constantly nitpicking at one another, everything seemed to take longer than it should and it took at least 3 times of asking and quite often a raised voice for them to do anything I asked of them. And we all just seem to be irritating each other.

One of those days where living in the close relationships that results from home ed is a burden rather than a gift.
Anyway, we did Maths and English.
Sam did some more of his Ancient Civilizations project. Completing the first pocket

by adding a timeline.
And starting the second; making puppets,
colouring a book,
and making a pop-up card of a ziggurat
Jack moved on from rocks to magnets. He started by testing things around the house,
including his brother!
He did a couple of exercises in the book and then designed a machine for testing and recycling cans.
Sam joined in with a machine for making coffee.
At lunch Sam and I watched The History of Ancient Britain, which we really enjoyed. Sam has odd taste in TV for a 5yo.
Afternoon and Jack did some activities from his geography and ict books which we have not had out for a long time.
Sam did some crafts, inc potato printing hearts and lots involving gold glitter for our Jack and the Beanstalk theme.
Then there was time to construct ‘something’ in the back garden.
before they gave up and came in to tidy up. Or in other words potter around arguing with one another and ignoring me.
Oh well hopefully today is another day although signs are not good…

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