Jealous… moi?

Look what Jack got in the post this morning.

I spent a lot of my youth coveting a Blue Peter badge!
He earned it by emailing them a couple of poems.
First one was a project at Cubs that he added more verses to at home, second was one of those spontaneous bursts of creativity that it is lovely to see.

The war

Lots of soldiers died

by their rules we abide

on Remembrance day

I say

spirits invisible to the naked eye

there in the graveyard they do lie

People died in the poppies red

the soldiers lay there as they bled

it was the Germans that they shot and fought

it was victory that both armies sought

the soldiers died and the bullets flew

through the sky the sky so strong and blue

The war went on for years and years

the Germans fought with nasty sneers

the guns went bang and the bombs went boom

on the floor the poppies bloomed

shopkeepers were doing well

Lots of guns and bombs did sell

On the British ocean blue

ships did fight as the fierce wind blew

boom, boom, boom the bombs did go

the British fought hard against their foe

on, on, on the armies did go

causing a long tale of woe

The Germans lost and the British won

so not a single bang from a gun

could be heard on the battlefield

with not a sword or spear or shield

the Germans went away to their houses

well the British went back to their old houses.

Here is another called Journey of the Birds

Journey of the birds
In the dark of winter,
when the bitter winds do fly
When all the birds are setting out
and calling out goodbye
I don’t know where they go to
and I probably never will
I will not see another bird
on my window sill
But later in the springtime
when all the birds fly back
I’ll buy a load of bird seed
and keep it in a sack.
Jack Large 8
In general we are not doing much. Sam is getting over a tummy bug and has a flare up of bad skin on his feet so we are pretty much housebound. Bits of ‘school work’, some wallpaper stripping and lots of books and boardgames.

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