Tummy ache and Asthma Attacks

That basically summed up last week. We didn’t make it to one usual activity and had at least one day where we didn’t seem to move from sofa.

That said we still seem to have done a fair amount.
With Waitingi Day coming up we were busy with New Zealand themed crafts, including this cute Kiwi bird that Jack sewed.
They played on the computer a bit. This is a game on the National Geographic kids site, something to do with why Pluto was downgraded from a planet.
They spent lots of time making up their own ‘ancient civilisation’ war games. I think Jack is actually tossing a coin.

I’ve been making dot-to-dots for Activity Village and Sam has been testing them.
We had some clay out and Sam made ‘a person from Pompeii who was turned to stone by Vesuvius’.
Jack made a photoframe and the ‘top for a saltcellar’
Sam started a new Evan Moor pocket book about Ancient Civilisations.
There was playing of boarding schools and posters have appeared around the house advertising Red Cross concerts and inviting people to sign up for tennis tournaments.
We have also been making use of the novelty of TV. The Birth of Britain series was enjoyed by all and the boys have discovered Friends.
Today heralded a move back to normality.
There was Maths – with some very different levels of shape work.

For English Jack researched and wrote a booklet about bees.
Sam liked the idea so made a cover of a booklet about endangered cats. He decided it would take too long to fill it with actual words as we need to tell him how to spell everything, so he filled it with lines with the promise he’d read it to me.
When we were in Cardiff I bought Jack two ‘stones’ from the museum, snowflake obsidian and tiger’s eye. We photographed them and Jack found out some information about each and wrote a factfile.

Sam read me and Achille’s the reindeer Ted’s Red Bed.
Then we scooted over to the library to drop off books and on to the village for food supplies.
Over lunch we watched a programme about the 100 days of games that were staged when the Colosseum opened. Sam in particular was fascinated.
In the afternoon we got out the hama beads for the first time in ages.
Sam made a patchwork lion inspired by Elmer the Elephant.

Jack is working on a coaster for Pete.
Jack and I made a carrot cake.

Then we tidied up. Sam hoovered all of the living room on his own.
And Jack prepared tea.
Griddled chicken on a tomato and new potato salad.

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