Working through the Winter Blues

Think we all have a case of the February blues so to give us time to recover this week is about

a) Slow pace of life – last week was too busy and we all suffered for it I think
b) Spend time with friends (and apart from each other)
c) Ease off the academic work a bit. Not totally as Jack needs structure and routine and something to focus his brain on. But I think part of the problem on Monday was I tried to work through the fidgets by setting them more work than usual. Idea this week is not to work for less time but to expect less in that time to reduce my crossness at the lack of efficiency.
d) Make sure have a bit of non-child time relaxing each evening – we treated ourselves to a curry on Tues.
e) Be outside when we can.
f) Books!
Tuesday, we went to the home ed group where lots of police men came to meet the kids.
They were shown handcuffs and the radio and allowed to try on a helmet.

And there was plenty of time for playing outside.

We stopped off in Gosport on the way home and found a few bargain books.

This for my Cub, Jack
And for Sam, these were 40p each in a charity shop and buy one get one free!
After tea Jack went off to Cubs and Sam and I worked our way through his new books.
Weds we did some Maths and English. Sam made a little book.
Then we curled up under a blanket on the sofa and spent an hour reading our next home ed bookgroup book. First time Sam had been introduced to Fatty and ‘Clear Orff’. Jack and I had forgot how much we enjoyed them.
Afternoon was spent playing outside with scooters and lightsabers before we went to Rainbows. Where they had an hour or so playing with friends. Before Pete collected them and bought them home to read Horrible Histories to Sam while Jack set to work on one of the other Mystery stories.

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