A Catch Up in Pictures

Off out so haven’t much time to post now so will try and come back later.

But to fill in some of the blanks.
Last week sort of fizzled out as boys were not at all well, lots of sleeping, reading and TV watching.
Sam found some watercolour paints, so they surfaced long enough to paint me some lovely pictures.
Spring was on Sam’s mind.
While it seems it hasn’t quite filtered through to Jack yet.
Sam practised writing like a Viking with the help of a Horrible Histories book.
Then we got out some clay and Sam made a stone tablet. It says Nebuchadnezzar, King of Persia in Sumarian (or possibly Assyrian).

Then made a cylindrical seal based on ones found in Ancient Mesopotamia. It’s a toilet roll covered in clay. Haven’t tested it yet.

And finally it’s an Assyrian bull!

This week they are still coughy and coldy but it was back to work.
Jack has started looking at Lights and Shadows so we made and looked at a eye kid from National Geographic.

Sam carried on with some of his Mesopotamian history pocket.

The sun was out so the garden beckoned.

Yesterday was home ed group and they filled pancakes and played. I forgot camera.
Then cubs and more pancakes.
Picture Jack drew at Cubs, blindfolded!

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