All the Fun of the Fair

To be quite honest weekends have been a struggle lately, with everyone being a bit snappy by Sunday afternoon. I think everyone has had a bit of a case of the JFBs (January/February blues) as Lindsay calls them.

Anyway we all seem to have emerged the other side.
Saturday morning and the boys got out the Knex fairground kits that they had had for Christmas.
Jack did really well at following the instructions himself.
And Sam did really well at …
…heckling Pete! ‘Come on Dad. Look how much Jack has done. You’re not doing very well!’
Spacial visualisation and patience not Pete’s strongest skills but I had to go out.
While I went and set up a display that the Rainbows had made for a local community event on making the village more environmentally friendly, the boys did a puppet show for Pete and kept on with the knex and heckling (although apparently at some point it changed to patronising support ‘come on Dad. You’re doing really well’).
We had made an attempt to resurrect our book of the week idea last week and looked at ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and made some spoon puppets.

Early afternoon I nipped home and collected the boys and took them back to the community event. Where they had a go in a fire engine, played with giant jenga and connect four, stuffed their face with cakes and burgers and then got fed up so went over to the park with friends. First time I’ve let Sam go without me, but there was a group all Jack’s age or older and they are sensible kids.

Back home and I finished off the Knex Octopus Whirl for Sam. And we watched the last episode of the Outnumbered DVD we’d bought last weekend.
Sunday and Pete took out the boys while I finished stripping the bedroom walls, did a mountain of ironing and caught up with my OU.
Jack and I then finished his ferris wheel. He did 90% of the ferris wheel and all of the car himself – not something he finds naturally easy so I am very impressed.
Oh and he’d bought a new Ben 10 alien in town so lots of Ben 10 games followed.
Sunday evening and Pete introduced the boys to the Carry On films. I opted to hoover upstairs and put away the ironing instead!

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