Being ‘Findouters’

Tuesday was one of those ‘really good days’ that brighten things up when you have been down and convince you spring will come and you won’t always want to strangle the kids.

Being St David’s Day we started the day by making a bara brith and some macaroons (not Welsh but relevant).

Time for a game of chess before breakfast. Sam is starting to be able to play properly. Although this game ended prematurely when he had two pawns left, neither of which he could legally move, and he dissolved into tears because he ‘really wanted to move a pawn’.
Piano practice.
Bit of English and then off to book group.
We started with painting pictures with lemon juice. I later ironed them to reveal the pictures – Jack did an omnitrix and Sam a squiggle but I appear to have lost them.
Then I taught the kids ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ in Welsh to warm up their voices before we discussed the book. It was nice to see the kids all starting to join in now, in the past I’ve done 90% of the talking but they are all starting to join in and it’s lovely to hear.
The book was Enid Blyton’s ‘The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage’ and I’d set up a ‘mystery’ for the kids to solve.
One of the other mums had wrote a note ‘Sarah has a big bum’ and we pretended it was in the kitchen when I went in.
First stage was hunting for footprints. They found lots in the sandpit. However, we had taken crayon rubbings of the soles of 3 mums shoes, and eventually we persuaded them to focus on these.
Once they had the footprints they matched them up to the mum’s shoes.
Then they ‘interviewed’ their suspects. Finally they asked the suspects to write their names down and with magnifying glasses examined the writing until they matched one to the note.
Having solved the mystery (it was that pesky Claire!) it was time for Ginger beer and macaroons.

Then outdoors where they all had great fun playing at being ‘findouters’ making up their own mysteries.
I didn’t get any photos outdoors – I was too busy ironing lemon juice pictures – but here is more pool playing.
Unfortunately by the time we got home Jack wasn’t feeling well at all (although was still glad we went apparently) and curled up and has slept for most of the time since then.

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