Knights and Castles

Last week when we went to the Adventure Playground for HE group, they had finished the play castle. Since we had no plan in mind for this week we decided to go take the castle as inspiration for a group session.

Susie read the children Herb the Vegetarian Dragon to get us in the mood.
Then they all teamed up to paint a giant dragon, wonderfully drawn by Donna.
Then we’d bought a load of craft supplies from Baker Ross and Crafty Crocodiles (Baker Ross showed up 10mins before I had to leave the house – Postman probably thought I was mad as I greeted him most enthusiastically.
So they decorated card swords.

Glass painted rings and necklaces.

And made scratch art crowns.

Then we stuck up the dragon and it was out to play. You may not be surprised there was a lot of knight related games.
Sam slayed the dragon…
Jack slayed the Princess!
Cubs was music night so Jack got to show off his keyboard, recorder and boomwhacker skills and have a go on a full size drum kit, he got home very tired and happy.

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