Productive Day

Cobwebs seem to be well and truely cleared and everyone seems to have bounced back.

We started off the day with a puppet show. Actually several shows, I think the clip on the last post was our fifth attempt to get it on video.
Then Jack wrote a story
Whale in the Thames

Once upon a time there was a whale called Swishy who sometimes got very confused about life. In these phases whenever someone said hi to him he went like uuuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh in a confused grunt. He was not always in these phases but when he was it was horrible.

Once when he was alright he went for a evening swim from India to South African waters where there were lots of weeds to chew.

He took what he thought was a detour up a little stream flowing up a beach.

He went through towns and villages with people who gaped and gawped as he sailed past.

As he swam he began to get tired so when he found a little cove he swam to the bottom of the stream and went to sleep because he could breath underwater like fish can.

When he woke up he went on up the stream until suddenly it widened up.

There was a bridge above him and people were laughing and pointing at him.

There were some people with flashing things that went snap. He had never seen guns like this before but he wasn’t taking any chances. “Take whatever you want just please don’t hurt me” he said but they carried on snapping. “Can’t you understand me” he said but it was no use.

“That is it” he said and swam back to India

Did some exercises in his Maths, Science and History books.

We followed up the science with a couple of practical investigations into bending light.

Sam did some reading writing and maths practice.
At this point it was only 11am so we’d been very efficient.
Boys played with torches while I mowed the lawns.
After lunch we did a bit of weeding, baked some cakes and gave me a ‘make over’ with some cheap makeup I’d found at the back of a cupboard.
Then the boys tidied up the living room for me and watched Ben 10 while I replastered part of the bedroom.

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