The Fox Busters by Dick King Smith

Yesterday was book group. As ever we started with a quick chat about the book and then we looked at eggs and discussed what would happen if we dropped raw and boiled ones.

We then looked at one that had been soaking in vinegar since Friday and saw how the shell had dissolved and felt how rubbery it had gone – we even got a little bounce.
Then I set the children (or mums) the challenge of making a parachute that would safely land a raw egg from the roof.
Jack helped at bit, Sam and Oscar lost concentration and caused havoc by ‘investigating what happens when you squeeze eggs’!
I think there may have been a bit of taking over the challenge from the parents!
Showing off the parachutes. And yes from 3 or 4 shots this was the best!
The winner! Mine and Claire’s (forget the boys they didn’t help) survived completely unharmed.
Lunch in the sun.
Then that was pretty much the last I saw of them.
Home and Jack had a Cub hike along the beach.

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