Cub Camp

My little boy has gone away 🙁With a lot of cakes.
He was so keen to go we left the house miles too early so stopped off at Titchfield Abbey on the way for a walk.

Happy he went confidently without a backward glance (I had to search him out to say goodbye), but feeling a bit lost.
Big rainstorm at bedtime didn’t help calm my nerves.

Adventure Group

The Home ed meeting we go to has moved venues to another playground.

This one is aimed at older kids and is bigger with more (and higher) climbing frames.
A fabulous sand pit
With water taps down for moat building.
There is a lovely outdoor stage area.
Staff are nice and helpful.
There are parachutes and games we can use, books and dressing up box too.
On paper it’s perfect. So why don’t we like it?
Boys I can put some of it down to not liking change, they liked the other park. Me, I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on it…

Easter Eggs

Great fun has been had making them…

…hunting them…
…and not to forget eating them.

Brownsea Island

On Weds the boys and I went for daytrip to Brownsea Island. Bit of a trek (30 mins bus, 1.5 hr train, 20 mins walk and then a ferry) but worth it.

We sailed from Poole.
Where is that pesky island?
There it is!
Getting closer.
The quay.
The last time we went was about 3 years ago just before Jack joined Beavers, so the relevance of the place from a scouting perspective passed him by. So this time we followed the Baden Powell Trail.
The man himself.
Somewhere there is a mulberry tree planted by Olave Baden Powell but bit rubbish with nature…
View over to Sandbanks, from where B-P sailed over for the first camp.
Battery Hill, where the islanders came to watch the boys display the skills they had learned at the end of the first camp.
Site of the first camp.
The B-P activity centre built to mark the Scouts Centenary.

Sign post marking the distance to the meeting place of groups which have camped on the island.

Commemorative stone.
Other thing Brownsea is famous for of course is it’s wildlife.
And we managed to see one little red squirrel.
Lots of sea birds (yes I am rubbish).
Know this one – peacock

And lovely baby duck.

No idea what it is but thought it was pretty.
We also walked a lot.
Had a paddle in a very muddy sea.

Played on the sand.

Climbed trees.
Balanced along lots fallen logs.

Enjoyed the views while we had our picnic.
Marked trails.
Picked bark of sticks to make tools.
Played Robin Hood with stick bows and swords.
And finished of the trip with ice cream and a cream tea.
We may only have seen one red squirrel but we bought home a couple,
and lots of sewing for me (badges for our camp blankets)
a piece of old pot, you find loads on the shore from when they dumped everything when they closed the pottery,

and not to forget the sticks and stones of course.

Ups and Downs

Had a funny week really.

I’d decided that we would have a bit of a break this week from routine. Not a complete break from any academic stuff just more focus on fun.
Only trouble has been is that the wonderful sunshine bought out all the local kids. And the boys have wanted to be out with the kids opposite (who never go anywhere and are always out) rather than doing stuff with Mum. Been quite a few arguments relating to the issue this week, but I won’t rehash here as Jack reads it and we’ve been over things enough.
Anyway, Sunday was St George’s Parade with the Cubs.
We’ve done some activities and put them together for Jack’s Road Safety badge.
We’ve done a bit of usual workbooks but since Jack’s next maths topic is co-ordinates I made them these worksheets which were a bit of fun.
Bit of X-boxing

We made these flowers from peppermint cream and smarties Which I think worked really well and will have to be done with my Rainbows next Mother’s Day.

Easter nests from rice crispies, melted marshmallows and golden syrup, very sweet and moreish we started off with a lot more than these.
We’ve made nests and decorated eggs.
…to the park

Played on a friend’s bike. Jack needs a new one.

Happy Birthday Jack

My little boy is 9 😉 Feel old!

Morning started off quietly. He unwrapped presents and cards. A rucksack and everything he needs for Cub Camp plus books off me and Pete and an Ultimatrix from Sam (Ben 10).
As well as lots of money and vouchers from wonderful friends and family.
The Ultimatrix was his favourite!
He had an Archery set from Aunty Sian so we had a bit of a competition.
Then dressed for Cubs as Jack and I went with the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to watch the Gosport Gang Show. Well done to all those who took part 🙂
At home we gave Jack his ‘real present’ a Star Wars game for the X-box. He was a bit taken back and mumbling until Sam started squealing ‘we’ve got an X-box Jack!’
We thought it was time we removed our ban on game systems. While we still don’t really like the idea of having one, I am aware as Jack is growing up he is missing out on a huge area of popular culture and more importantly he had become very aware of it. So we decided to crack and after a bit of research settled on a Wii. However we were offered a X-box Kinect to review and after umming said yes. And it’s brilliant. The Kinect games are ones that even Sam and I (really rubbish at standard games) are able to compete in as the best tactics seem to be the move as madly and quickly as possible 😉
Very difficult to get good photos.

Then Jack wanted Chinese for his birthday tea.
After too large a meal, out came Star Wars for some more sedate gaming.
Best birthday ever Jack claimed.
TV, cable, game system what are we turning into this year? Still haven’t and never will watch reality TV though 🙂

Leisurely Day

After a very productive couple of days we had a ‘day off’.

Nipped into Gosport for a potter around the charity shops, something we haven’t done in a long time.
Then McDonalds for lunch (yes another new soft toy!)

At home we made chocolate fudge cake.
Licked up afterwards.

And decorated.
Can you guess what tomorrow is?

Bouncing Back

After a couple of days of recovering strength, which involved lots of playing with a bingo game that came free from the local kebab shop,
And setting up wars and battles with Airfix soldiers,
we are getting back into the swing of ‘work’.
Jack finished off his English and Science books and did some Maths.
Sam did some writing, reading and comprehension, and some maths.
Then we read this

And made some Egyptian God puppets.

Then Jack went out to play with friends and Sam and I watched The History of Celtic Britain and played Animal Jam on the National Geographic website (although I did have to go and find Jack to make it work 🙂 )
We’ve been getting in the Easter spirit and making baskets and nests,
and decorating eggs.

Decorating, Maths, Making Friends and Sickness…

…Just in case anyone is wondering where we have gone that pretty much sums it up.

Have been moving the boys into separate rooms, which has taken a long time and is still not finished as mattresses and wardrobes haven’t arrived.
Spending so much time decorating put me behind on my OU maths course so spent a week working on that at any spare moment.
The sun has come out and the boys have made friends with the kids in the cul-de-sac opposite (about 4 or 5 families have kids of a similar age). Jack especially has spent a lot of time down there playing football, riding go carts and making dens. Bit unnerving letting them go as I can’t see what they get up too most of the time but they are growing up and when I think what I was like at that age (never in!) have to let them go. Plus there have been a few park trips to catch up with old HEing friends and meet new ones. As well as the usual routines of Rainbows, Cubs, Drama.
Then after a few weeks of respite, the colds, coughs, asthma and sickness bugs have taken hold again.
Education wise we have plodded on and made good progress.
Sam finished off his ‘years’ Heinemann Maths books.

We have the next years up ready to go but decided to have a change and do some Schofield and Simms Maths first.
We have carried on with ‘The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading’. Never saw myself being a reading scheme type, certainly wasn’t with Jack. But it is working well with Sam. He is starting to read aloud from books to himself and tell me ‘that says …’. But if you ask him he can’t read!

We have carried on with worksheets from these.
But over the last week, we’ve introduced these for a bit of variety.
Sam is enjoying the writing practice book.
We finished the Ancient Mesopotamia pocket from his Ancient Civilizations project,
and started Ancient Egypt. We are going to have to come up with our own bits for this I think as being a particular interest of Sam’s he knows way more than the information in the unit.
Jack has done lots of piano practice and is coming on well.
We started this Maths book a few weeks ago (our 3rd KS2 level course) really as a confidence boost as there is nothing in it we haven’t covered and he is cracking through it at a fast pace.
These are the books we have been using for English and Science. We started the course a year later than he would have started in school and have been going through them at a faster pace. Now he is on the last chapter of both.
History and Jack is finishing off looking at Ancient Greece with a look at Alexander the Great. Who, thanks to Sam, he is very familiar with (the Usborne Famous Lives book about Alexander has elbowed out Julius Caesar as Sam’s favourite book I think).