Brownsea Island

On Weds the boys and I went for daytrip to Brownsea Island. Bit of a trek (30 mins bus, 1.5 hr train, 20 mins walk and then a ferry) but worth it.

We sailed from Poole.
Where is that pesky island?
There it is!
Getting closer.
The quay.
The last time we went was about 3 years ago just before Jack joined Beavers, so the relevance of the place from a scouting perspective passed him by. So this time we followed the Baden Powell Trail.
The man himself.
Somewhere there is a mulberry tree planted by Olave Baden Powell but bit rubbish with nature…
View over to Sandbanks, from where B-P sailed over for the first camp.
Battery Hill, where the islanders came to watch the boys display the skills they had learned at the end of the first camp.
Site of the first camp.
The B-P activity centre built to mark the Scouts Centenary.

Sign post marking the distance to the meeting place of groups which have camped on the island.

Commemorative stone.
Other thing Brownsea is famous for of course is it’s wildlife.
And we managed to see one little red squirrel.
Lots of sea birds (yes I am rubbish).
Know this one – peacock

And lovely baby duck.

No idea what it is but thought it was pretty.
We also walked a lot.
Had a paddle in a very muddy sea.

Played on the sand.

Climbed trees.
Balanced along lots fallen logs.

Enjoyed the views while we had our picnic.
Marked trails.
Picked bark of sticks to make tools.
Played Robin Hood with stick bows and swords.
And finished of the trip with ice cream and a cream tea.
We may only have seen one red squirrel but we bought home a couple,
and lots of sewing for me (badges for our camp blankets)
a piece of old pot, you find loads on the shore from when they dumped everything when they closed the pottery,

and not to forget the sticks and stones of course.

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