Decorating, Maths, Making Friends and Sickness…

…Just in case anyone is wondering where we have gone that pretty much sums it up.

Have been moving the boys into separate rooms, which has taken a long time and is still not finished as mattresses and wardrobes haven’t arrived.
Spending so much time decorating put me behind on my OU maths course so spent a week working on that at any spare moment.
The sun has come out and the boys have made friends with the kids in the cul-de-sac opposite (about 4 or 5 families have kids of a similar age). Jack especially has spent a lot of time down there playing football, riding go carts and making dens. Bit unnerving letting them go as I can’t see what they get up too most of the time but they are growing up and when I think what I was like at that age (never in!) have to let them go. Plus there have been a few park trips to catch up with old HEing friends and meet new ones. As well as the usual routines of Rainbows, Cubs, Drama.
Then after a few weeks of respite, the colds, coughs, asthma and sickness bugs have taken hold again.
Education wise we have plodded on and made good progress.
Sam finished off his ‘years’ Heinemann Maths books.

We have the next years up ready to go but decided to have a change and do some Schofield and Simms Maths first.
We have carried on with ‘The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading’. Never saw myself being a reading scheme type, certainly wasn’t with Jack. But it is working well with Sam. He is starting to read aloud from books to himself and tell me ‘that says …’. But if you ask him he can’t read!

We have carried on with worksheets from these.
But over the last week, we’ve introduced these for a bit of variety.
Sam is enjoying the writing practice book.
We finished the Ancient Mesopotamia pocket from his Ancient Civilizations project,
and started Ancient Egypt. We are going to have to come up with our own bits for this I think as being a particular interest of Sam’s he knows way more than the information in the unit.
Jack has done lots of piano practice and is coming on well.
We started this Maths book a few weeks ago (our 3rd KS2 level course) really as a confidence boost as there is nothing in it we haven’t covered and he is cracking through it at a fast pace.
These are the books we have been using for English and Science. We started the course a year later than he would have started in school and have been going through them at a faster pace. Now he is on the last chapter of both.
History and Jack is finishing off looking at Ancient Greece with a look at Alexander the Great. Who, thanks to Sam, he is very familiar with (the Usborne Famous Lives book about Alexander has elbowed out Julius Caesar as Sam’s favourite book I think).

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