Happy Birthday Jack

My little boy is 9 😉 Feel old!

Morning started off quietly. He unwrapped presents and cards. A rucksack and everything he needs for Cub Camp plus books off me and Pete and an Ultimatrix from Sam (Ben 10).
As well as lots of money and vouchers from wonderful friends and family.
The Ultimatrix was his favourite!
He had an Archery set from Aunty Sian so we had a bit of a competition.
Then dressed for Cubs as Jack and I went with the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to watch the Gosport Gang Show. Well done to all those who took part 🙂
At home we gave Jack his ‘real present’ a Star Wars game for the X-box. He was a bit taken back and mumbling until Sam started squealing ‘we’ve got an X-box Jack!’
We thought it was time we removed our ban on game systems. While we still don’t really like the idea of having one, I am aware as Jack is growing up he is missing out on a huge area of popular culture and more importantly he had become very aware of it. So we decided to crack and after a bit of research settled on a Wii. However we were offered a X-box Kinect to review and after umming said yes. And it’s brilliant. The Kinect games are ones that even Sam and I (really rubbish at standard games) are able to compete in as the best tactics seem to be the move as madly and quickly as possible 😉
Very difficult to get good photos.

Then Jack wanted Chinese for his birthday tea.
After too large a meal, out came Star Wars for some more sedate gaming.
Best birthday ever Jack claimed.
TV, cable, game system what are we turning into this year? Still haven’t and never will watch reality TV though 🙂

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