Ups and Downs

Had a funny week really.

I’d decided that we would have a bit of a break this week from routine. Not a complete break from any academic stuff just more focus on fun.
Only trouble has been is that the wonderful sunshine bought out all the local kids. And the boys have wanted to be out with the kids opposite (who never go anywhere and are always out) rather than doing stuff with Mum. Been quite a few arguments relating to the issue this week, but I won’t rehash here as Jack reads it and we’ve been over things enough.
Anyway, Sunday was St George’s Parade with the Cubs.
We’ve done some activities and put them together for Jack’s Road Safety badge.
We’ve done a bit of usual workbooks but since Jack’s next maths topic is co-ordinates I made them these worksheets which were a bit of fun.
Bit of X-boxing

We made these flowers from peppermint cream and smarties Which I think worked really well and will have to be done with my Rainbows next Mother’s Day.

Easter nests from rice crispies, melted marshmallows and golden syrup, very sweet and moreish we started off with a lot more than these.
We’ve made nests and decorated eggs.
…to the park

Played on a friend’s bike. Jack needs a new one.

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