Adventure Group – Fair Trade Bananas

This term we have taken a calendar of ‘national days/weeks etc’ as a bit of inspiration for activities.

Last week was ‘Fair Trade’ we opted to look at bananas since about 65% of the bananas eaten in the UK come through Portsmouth and the boats are a familiar sight the kids can relate to.
We looked at the map and identified some countries where bananas grow.
Then we looked at some photos of the journey of bananas from tree to supermarket.
We then identified the key people involved in the chain and showed how money passed down the chain. We talked about how Fair Trade meant that those at the bottom of the chain received a fair wage.
Then we did a bit of Caribbean story telling through song and dance.
Thank you to Susie for the photos.
Now having got a week behind in posts it is time to go and prepare the bits for this weeks group.

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