Filling in the gaps

Aside from Camping most of what we have been doing since Easter is standard run of the mill work and play. We’ve had usual home ed group, drama, cubs and rainbows (where boys get a couple of hours playing with the other guider’s children).

While Jack was on camp I got out the electricity set to keep Sam entertained.
And we made a helicopter. The kit has stayed out for most of the week and we’ve had some fun playing with it.
Jack has carried on with his Maths and History courses and started Book 2 of the Science and English books.
The first chapter of English looked at Snow White and a factual piece based on snow. As
well as comprehension and grammar exercises he has done a number of creative writing exercises inspired by the texts, such as this acrostic poem.
Sam has begun working through Schofield and Simms Mental Arithmetic book alongside the Key Maths.

English, and Sam is working through his reading scheme well. When we are out and about he is starting to sound out street signs and words he sees to himself. Reading is coming on in leaps and bounds.
Also been continuing with worksheets from his Developing Literacy books

mixed up with some Schofield and Simms Writing and Comprehension practice.

We are still looking at Ancient Egypt.
We’ve been reading about food.

Watching dvds about Tutenkhamen, Cleopatra and Ramses the Great.

Playing games.

Decorating masks (Baker Ross)

and sarcophagi (Baker Ross again)

and making amulets (charity shop about 3 years ago)

Which I accidentally burnt (they were red, yellow and blue when they went in)

The boys have both had little fevery bugs which luckily we 24 hour things, so there was cuddling …

…and reading. Since we went to watch Midsummer Night’s Dream Jack has got in to reading the Shakespeare stories.

Poetry has always been a favourite.

We’ve read about and discussed voting systems, and looked through all the election leaflets before going to vote.

We’ve built and painted Airfix planes. Still have cockpits and transfers to add.

Jack’s new book came, so he was happy.

We had a trip to Southampton where I cheered up a poorly Sam (he was fine when we left the house …) with a trip to the Build a Bear Factory.

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