Science and Strawberries

Carrying on with looking at states of matter.

image of a pan of strawberries
…to liquid…
image of Jack stirring jam
…and back to solid…
image of Lots of Jars of jam…makes lots of strawberry and raspberry jam.
Solid to liquid…
image of strawberry and banana smoothie… makes strawberry and banana smoothies.
Mixing solid and liquid, makes liquid, adding heat makes solid (lemon and raspberry ring cake).
image of lemon and raspberry cake
Liquid slowly turned to solid (with several being turned back to liquid moments)…
image of frozen yogurt
…makes frozen yogurt. Strawberry and fat free plain yogurt blended, frozen and churned and a big pot of fat free vanilla yogurt frozen and churned. After a couple of churns they were mixed together and popped back in the freezer, for my guilt free Friday treat – yum!
There was also maths and english. Here’s Sam playing rhyming pairs.

image of Sam playing snap

And drama. Jack in his lion tame outfit.

image of Jack dressed as a lion tamer

Strawberry picking

The boys have wanted to go strawberry picking for years but due to a combination of rain and the fact the we go up to N Wales every year we seem to miss the season. Since we were up in Wales earlier than usual and weather was good, we did some Maths and English and went over to Titchfield.

image of Jack and Sam picking strawberries

The fruits of our labours.
image of Jack and Sam with the strawberries we've picked
Roadside picnic waiting for the bus home.
image of Jack and Sam having a roadside picnic
I had Rainbows in the evening. The boys and their friends raided the rainbow cupboard for supplies and then made, decorated and went into the church garden to fly paper planes.

Adventure Group – Painting with nature

Tuesday started with piano practice.

Jack practising piano
Piano practice

And a bit of maths and english.

image of Sam's work
Sam's work

Then it was over to our home ed group meeting where one of the mum’s ran a workshop on painting with plants. She explained how she made the dyes and showed them how to rub colour out of petals.

image of Fran showing how to make natural paints
Learning how to make natural paints

Some of the plants they used.

image of Plants used to make paints
Some of the plants used to make paints

Sam’s picture is of someone bleeding to death.

Sam's picture
Sam's picture
Jack’s is of someone being shot with an arrow and erupting into blood and guts.
Jack's picture
Jack's picture
Outside there was a full scale storm going on, thunder, lightning, rain the works. But the kids still enjoyed playing. Sam fell over and managed to land face down in his cake 😉
image of a cake accident
a cake accident
We left early and went to the shops as Jack needs a ‘lion tamer’s’ outfit for his drama play.
Jack then had a piano lesson before Cubs. Sun had come out so after dropping Jack off at Cubs, Sam, Pussy and I had 20 mins in the park.
image of a cake accident
a cake accident

Back to work

Expected to have a bad day as we tried to shake off two weeks of holiday and het back to work. In the end we had a few wobbles but nowhere near as bad as anticipated.

Jack did some Maths, English and History (none of which make interesting photos).
Science, we began looking at matter. We used balloons filled with ice, water and air to compare and describe the states of matter.

Released the balloon contents to find out if the state of matter ‘flowed’ (pin in to sellotape trick)

cutting off the tie of the water balloon gave us a fountain (and lots of wet teatowels from mopping up the resultant mess).

Playing with the ice.

Sam did maths.


and we played sentence dominoes.

We carried out more science experiments looking at the effect of heat on changing matter.
Otherwise knowing as baking bread and cakes.


Following a cool bath here is Senator Sam Large preparing to stab Caesar.

Home Sweet Home

We are just back from a week visiting my Dad in N. Wales.

Having arrived at tea time on Thursday, we heading to the beach for the evening to blow away the cobwebs of 6 hours travelling.
We had an unsuccessful game of frisbee. It was too windy! Lots of chasing rolling frisbees for long distances and boomerang style throws.


Jack wrote messages in the sand.
And Sam dug.
Then we watched the sun set from the park.

Friday was spent catching up, food shopping and running errands.
On Saturday my oldest friend was getting married. Don’t they scrub up well!
‘I’m singing in the rain’

After the ceremony, Sam and Dad went home and Jack and I went to the reception. Where I caught up with old friends, Jack made new ones and then we spend a long time ‘on Rhys watch’ playing with my friends little boy. He’s a right cutie, but he was 3 last week and I forgot how tiring they are at that age.
Sunday, we went to Chester with my sister and gorgeous 14yo niece. Went around some shops, had lunch at Pizza Hut and visited some ‘roman stuff’.
Not immediately obvious from the photo but here’s the amphitheatre.

And a roman villa.

Monday we were back at the beach.
Getting buried.

Playing in the sea.

Building sandcastles.

And back in the sea.
Tuesday and back to the beach – although in jumpers!
I built a sandcastle

and we had fun watching it get knocked down.
Weds, we went to Anglesey. I used to have my family holiday there every year, but it is 15 years since I was last there. A touch depressing thought.
We went to Beaumaris Castle. Biggest of the castles Edward I had built in N. Wales and by far more impressive than any of our local castles. I loved going as a girl and the boys were just as taken with it.
There were baby ducks on the moat…

…and a cygnet.

Crossing the drawbridge

The castle is an impressive structure looking out over the Menai Strait to Snowdonia on the mainland.
There was lots of pretending to be archers…
climbing up broken down walls…
…and pulling silly faces.

You can walk around the outer walls. When I was little they didn’t have the hand rails and I remember being about 7 and freezing half way across. My Dad had to climb through and carry me down 😉

You can still climb all of the towers,

and explore the inner rooms.

Thursday was spent catching up with old friends and playing in my Dad’s garden before travelling back on Friday.

A lovely trip. But nice to be home, we all missed Pete.

Catching up

Due to a combination of Google being awkward, Virgin completely crashing, holiday and preparing for holiday it’s been a long time since I’ve updated.

Early part of month disappeared in a mist of more Egyptian stuff,

a trip to Portchester Castle, where we had a play on the castle and then joined some friends on the field nearby for Hannah’s birthday picnic,

home ed group,
not forgetting ‘school’ work,
cubs, drama, playing with friends and chores

All Change!

Has anyone else had problems with Blogger lately? I haven’t been able to log in for a week – grr!
Normal routines seem to have pretty much gone to pot over the last couple of weeks. Grandpa has been to stay and Pete had a weekend away. Jack is going through one of those spells when he has a lot of spark about him and we’re working more or less autonomously.
We’ve been playing lots of table tennis.

Been out and about running errands. I’ve had about 1/2 my hair chopped off and have new glasses on order.
There has been ice creams.

Buying of ‘tat’ from charity shops (Jack is a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who).
Lots of time in libraries. Friday they spent an hour and a half in the local one reading and colouring while I changed the wall display and Weds we spent an hour in the Discovery Centre in Gosport as it has a much better non-fic range collecting books on anything that caught our fancy.
We’ve been experimenting with plants.
Beanstalks again.

Which have sprouted already. When they are a bit bigger we will turn one upside down to see what happens.

And cress. We’re testing what plants need to grow so have deprived some of light/heat/water etc.
We’ve been making things with salt dough.

2 egyptian plagues and cartouches waiting to be painted.

Baked cakes. Lemon and Strawberry sherbet cupcakes to be exact.
Oh and we got a new piano!
They were so excited I got a rousing rendition of Ode to Joy, complete with random german sounding words, at 8.30 this morning while it was still in the box 🙂