Adventure Group – Painting with nature

Tuesday started with piano practice.

Jack practising piano
Piano practice

And a bit of maths and english.

image of Sam's work
Sam's work

Then it was over to our home ed group meeting where one of the mum’s ran a workshop on painting with plants. She explained how she made the dyes and showed them how to rub colour out of petals.

image of Fran showing how to make natural paints
Learning how to make natural paints

Some of the plants they used.

image of Plants used to make paints
Some of the plants used to make paints

Sam’s picture is of someone bleeding to death.

Sam's picture
Sam's picture
Jack’s is of someone being shot with an arrow and erupting into blood and guts.
Jack's picture
Jack's picture
Outside there was a full scale storm going on, thunder, lightning, rain the works. But the kids still enjoyed playing. Sam fell over and managed to land face down in his cake 😉
image of a cake accident
a cake accident
We left early and went to the shops as Jack needs a ‘lion tamer’s’ outfit for his drama play.
Jack then had a piano lesson before Cubs. Sun had come out so after dropping Jack off at Cubs, Sam, Pussy and I had 20 mins in the park.
image of a cake accident
a cake accident

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