All Change!

Has anyone else had problems with Blogger lately? I haven’t been able to log in for a week – grr!
Normal routines seem to have pretty much gone to pot over the last couple of weeks. Grandpa has been to stay and Pete had a weekend away. Jack is going through one of those spells when he has a lot of spark about him and we’re working more or less autonomously.
We’ve been playing lots of table tennis.

Been out and about running errands. I’ve had about 1/2 my hair chopped off and have new glasses on order.
There has been ice creams.

Buying of ‘tat’ from charity shops (Jack is a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who).
Lots of time in libraries. Friday they spent an hour and a half in the local one reading and colouring while I changed the wall display and Weds we spent an hour in the Discovery Centre in Gosport as it has a much better non-fic range collecting books on anything that caught our fancy.
We’ve been experimenting with plants.
Beanstalks again.

Which have sprouted already. When they are a bit bigger we will turn one upside down to see what happens.

And cress. We’re testing what plants need to grow so have deprived some of light/heat/water etc.
We’ve been making things with salt dough.

2 egyptian plagues and cartouches waiting to be painted.

Baked cakes. Lemon and Strawberry sherbet cupcakes to be exact.
Oh and we got a new piano!
They were so excited I got a rousing rendition of Ode to Joy, complete with random german sounding words, at 8.30 this morning while it was still in the box 🙂

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