Back to work

Expected to have a bad day as we tried to shake off two weeks of holiday and het back to work. In the end we had a few wobbles but nowhere near as bad as anticipated.

Jack did some Maths, English and History (none of which make interesting photos).
Science, we began looking at matter. We used balloons filled with ice, water and air to compare and describe the states of matter.

Released the balloon contents to find out if the state of matter ‘flowed’ (pin in to sellotape trick)

cutting off the tie of the water balloon gave us a fountain (and lots of wet teatowels from mopping up the resultant mess).

Playing with the ice.

Sam did maths.


and we played sentence dominoes.

We carried out more science experiments looking at the effect of heat on changing matter.
Otherwise knowing as baking bread and cakes.


Following a cool bath here is Senator Sam Large preparing to stab Caesar.

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