Home Sweet Home

We are just back from a week visiting my Dad in N. Wales.

Having arrived at tea time on Thursday, we heading to the beach for the evening to blow away the cobwebs of 6 hours travelling.
We had an unsuccessful game of frisbee. It was too windy! Lots of chasing rolling frisbees for long distances and boomerang style throws.


Jack wrote messages in the sand.
And Sam dug.
Then we watched the sun set from the park.

Friday was spent catching up, food shopping and running errands.
On Saturday my oldest friend was getting married. Don’t they scrub up well!
‘I’m singing in the rain’

After the ceremony, Sam and Dad went home and Jack and I went to the reception. Where I caught up with old friends, Jack made new ones and then we spend a long time ‘on Rhys watch’ playing with my friends little boy. He’s a right cutie, but he was 3 last week and I forgot how tiring they are at that age.
Sunday, we went to Chester with my sister and gorgeous 14yo niece. Went around some shops, had lunch at Pizza Hut and visited some ‘roman stuff’.
Not immediately obvious from the photo but here’s the amphitheatre.

And a roman villa.

Monday we were back at the beach.
Getting buried.

Playing in the sea.

Building sandcastles.

And back in the sea.
Tuesday and back to the beach – although in jumpers!
I built a sandcastle

and we had fun watching it get knocked down.
Weds, we went to Anglesey. I used to have my family holiday there every year, but it is 15 years since I was last there. A touch depressing thought.
We went to Beaumaris Castle. Biggest of the castles Edward I had built in N. Wales and by far more impressive than any of our local castles. I loved going as a girl and the boys were just as taken with it.
There were baby ducks on the moat…

…and a cygnet.

Crossing the drawbridge

The castle is an impressive structure looking out over the Menai Strait to Snowdonia on the mainland.
There was lots of pretending to be archers…
climbing up broken down walls…
…and pulling silly faces.

You can walk around the outer walls. When I was little they didn’t have the hand rails and I remember being about 7 and freezing half way across. My Dad had to climb through and carry me down šŸ˜‰

You can still climb all of the towers,

and explore the inner rooms.

Thursday was spent catching up with old friends and playing in my Dad’s garden before travelling back on Friday.

A lovely trip. But nice to be home, we all missed Pete.

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