Science and Strawberries

Carrying on with looking at states of matter.

image of a pan of strawberries
…to liquid…
image of Jack stirring jam
…and back to solid…
image of Lots of Jars of jam…makes lots of strawberry and raspberry jam.
Solid to liquid…
image of strawberry and banana smoothie… makes strawberry and banana smoothies.
Mixing solid and liquid, makes liquid, adding heat makes solid (lemon and raspberry ring cake).
image of lemon and raspberry cake
Liquid slowly turned to solid (with several being turned back to liquid moments)…
image of frozen yogurt
…makes frozen yogurt. Strawberry and fat free plain yogurt blended, frozen and churned and a big pot of fat free vanilla yogurt frozen and churned. After a couple of churns they were mixed together and popped back in the freezer, for my guilt free Friday treat – yum!
There was also maths and english. Here’s Sam playing rhyming pairs.

image of Sam playing snap

And drama. Jack in his lion tame outfit.

image of Jack dressed as a lion tamer

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