End of Year Drama play

Yesterday was Jack’s drama class’s end of year production.
Don’t get me wrong I love seeing Jack in the end of year play but in practice I hate the actual day.
The theatre is in a town north of Portsmouth, takes taxi (no buses that early on a Sunday), ferry and 2 buses to get there.  Leaving at 8 to get there for 10.15 for morning rehearsals.  Then we have to hang around until 12 before they open the theatre (and they are always late) and it’s in a massive housing estate with nowhere to get coffee at 10.30 on a Sunday morning, nowhere to sit and it kept pouring down;(
Then we have to sit through 4 plays on very uncomfy seats, whole thing goes on for well over an hour with presentations.  Final play was I guess 11-14yo, some of whom had been having lessons for 8years apparently and you couldn’t hear a word!  20 mins of my life watching other peoples tweens and teens mumbling at the floor is not what I call fun.
On the positive side, slightly biased but I think, Jack’s play was again by far the best.  On the whole the kids all projected their voices so you could follow it (only one of the 4 you could) and they all knew their lines to perfection.  I am trying to move Jack to a new drama class in September as the class is very small and the rest of the class are 6/7 yo girls.  But very sad about it as his teacher is absolutely brilliant. But although he is happy there feel he needs to be in a class with older kids for him to get the most out of drama. If anyone knows any good local (inc Portsmouth) classes love to hear of them.
Back to Sunday, Jack was a Lion Tamer who lost his lion.  He seems to have a bit of a gift for comic timing and did really well.  Proud Mummy moment – all the fuss was completely worth it.
image of Jack as Rudolpho the Lion Tamer
Jack as Rudolpho the Lion Tamer

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